Ultima Energy

KEV B1800, KEV B1810 Uw 0.99 W/m2 K

Ultima Energy

KEV B1800, KEV B1810 Uw 0.99 W/m2 K

  • Ultima Energy windows are recommended for rooms that are located in a noisy neighborhood or facing the street, as well as rooms where improved insulation is required such as bedrooms and living rooms, etc.
  • The triple-pane construction of the Ultima Energy is the perfect combination of 3 panes, with pane coating and filled with krypton gas to create improved energy efficiency of the whole window
  • Ultima Energy has excellent Uw parameter: 0.99 W/m2K. Krypton gas filled pane construction which conducts heat by F46% less than the most frequently used alternative Argon.
  • Noise Block technology is a combination of various improvements in the roof window construction that reduces noise from the outside as well as impact noise caused by rain which means 50% less noise reduction when compared to standard windows. Noise reduction: 38 dB.
  • The glass and coatings used in Ultima Energy windows are specifically selected to bring comfort and safety to the home. Warm house during winter and no overheating during summer - thanks to two different layers of heat-reflecting and sun-protective coatings on the pane
  • UV-ray protection – thanks to glazing blocking 95% of harmful UV rays while still letting the light in. Strengthened external glass - thanks to the use of thick toughened pane in comparison to 4 mm market standard. Safety of environment underneath the window - thanks to the laminated internal glass which won’t fall into the room in case of impact from the inside


Variant 18
Construction 33.2SS-10-3HS-10-6H
Triple glazing 35 mm
Low E
Gas Krypton
Ug (W/m2 K) 0.5
Total solar energy transmittance 0.27


Uw (W/m2 K) 0.99
Water tightness E1350
Air permeability Class 4
Resistance to wind load Class C4*
Sound reduction (dB) 38 (-1,-3)

* sizes M8A, M10A: npd

KEV B1800/KEV B1810

Dimension | Cm Prix (Ht) Prix (Ttc)
C2A (55x78) * 409.00 € 490.80 €
C4A (55x98) * 424.00 € 508.80 €
F6A (66x118) ** 466.00 € 559.20 €
M4A (78x98) * 446.00 € 535.20 €
M6A (78x118) * 483.00 € 579.60 €
M8A (78x140) * 516.00 € 619.20 €
M10A (78x160) ** 572.00 € 686.40 €
P6A (94x118) ** 516.00 € 619.20 €
P8A (94x140) ** 575.5 € 690.00 €
S6A (114x118) ** 587.00 € 704.40 €

Prices are in £. Delivery mainland.
*3-5 working days delivery time (from manufacturer to merchant)
**3-5 weeks delivery time (from manufacturer to merchant)
Delivery time is in working days from receipt of orders placed before 12 pm. Only for LTL deliveries (less truck-load). The above lead times may be subject to change, according to stock availability. The estimated delivery time will be specified at the point of ordering and in the Order Confirmation.

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